SINCE 1922

Kaffee Alt Wien – Living tradition since 1922, in the 1. district in the inner city of Vienna

Welcome to Kaffee Alt Wien!

Do you know Kaffe Alt Wien in the heart of Vienna? No? Then we like to introduce you: When you are standing in the shadow of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, listening to the sound of the Bummering and the clapping of the hooves of the Viennese carriage horses, then you are only a few feet away from the Bäckerstraße 9. Here in the heart of Vienna sits our Kaffee Alt Wien. A coffee house with a very special, nearly hundred-year-old history.

The Kaffee Alt Wien was founded on the 14. October 1922 and was inherited by Leopold Hawelka and his wife Josefine in 1936, one day after their marriage. They operated the Kaffee Alt Wien until 1939, then they moved to the Dorotheergasse and there they purchased the Café Ludwig, which is known today as Café Hawelka. Ever since 1939 Kaffee Alt Wien is kept as a family business. In the Eighties the café turned into a night café. Because of the late business hours, but also the outside appearance – walls plastered with posters – and the dim lighting, the café is barely distinguishable from a pub.


Our goulash meat …

The beef goulash is from the Austrian calf, hand-diced from the cattle. Our pork schnitzel from the Ötscherblick pig, from the farm of Heidi & Johann Ortner in Strengberg.


Our beer …

The bottom-fermented, full-bodied beer is straw yellow in color and pleasantly hoppy in the fragrance with fine malt notes. The Antrunk is characterized by distinct malt tones.
A slight hint of hops completes the harmonious taste of Gösser Märzen.


Our coffee …

Santora Special Extra “our classic” medium roast composed of 7 different Arabica raw coffee varieties (green beans). This blend was developed almost 100 years ago. A harmonious blend, which is characterized by the Kenya highland coffee bean and a round finish.


Our desserts …

… are produced with love and handmade by our team.

Our opening hours: Mo to Th from 9 – 0am
Fr and Sa from 9 – 01am + Sn from 9 – 0am

The inner city of Vienna, the 1. district, is filled with impressive, historic architecture like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the town hall or the Vienna State Opera. The Vienna ring road, the boulevard of Vienna, the street where you can find all those historic and unmissable buildings, is a World Heritage Site after all. It is always worth a visit and for your sightseeing break or the finale of you wonderful tour we love to invite you to our traditional Kaffee Alt Wien on the Bärengasse! Take a seat, lean back, relax and enjoy an invigorating coffee with a tasty piece of cake or strengthen yourself with one of our crispy Wiener schnitzel à la maison. We very much look forward to your visit.

A team with a heart for coffee houses

A real traditional Vienna Melange needs an ardour coffee and preparation with love – a real traditional Vienna coffee house needs a passionate manager and love for the bean. This is the motto of the traditional family business Café Alt Wien. The unusual thing is, that the heart and soul of the nearly hundred-year-old coffee house hasn’t changed since the beginning. The same feeling of revisiting the place you met your first love in, that is what we want to convey to you on your visit in Café Alt Wien. The team make sure about it!


Speciality of the house is goulash

The origin of goulash goes all the way back to the Middle Ages, where it was prepared by Hungarian shepherds over an open flame, no bell peppers back then. Goulash was a simple soup with roasted meat and onions … Learn more about our fiery delicacies under Speciality.

We don’t take reservations, but we can insure you, that so far, everyone has found a seat in Kaffee Alt Wien.

For Questions

If you have questions, feel free to call us or send an E-Mail – also the contact form is the right place for your concerns.:
Phone: +43 1 512 52 22
e-mail: office@kaffeealtwien.at

The Kaffee Alt Wien team 1. district of Vienna – inner city looks forward to your visit


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