Kaffee Alt Wien in the 1. district of Vienna – inner city –our specialities of the house

The original Café Alt Wien Goulash

What was once a simple soup, made of roasted meat and onions, cooked on an open flame for the shepherds back in the Middle Ages, is now a fiery speciality, nearly all our guests enjoy. Our goulash is made with love, passion and our best, hand-diced beef – made from thick flanks of the Austrian heifer.

We hope you enjoy your meal!

The coffee in Café Alt Wien

Santora Spezial Extra is “our classic”. A medium roast, that is compiled of 7 different types of arabica coffee beans in the form of green coffee. This mix was developed nearly 100 years ago, an harmonic blend, which is characterized by the Kenia Highland-coffee and the pleasant finish. This coffee is ideal for every specialty coffee – from a espresso with milk to the Cappuccino through to the Vienna Häferlkaffee.


Our desserts …

… are made with lots of love, hand-made and baked by our team. Enticing creations, a perfect addition to the coffee!

The original Wiener Schnitzel

What does the Mostviertel in Lower Austria and an original Vienna Schnitzel pan share in common? Right – both can be found in our kitchen in the Café Alt Wien.
Our schnitzel’s meat originates from the heart of the Mostvirtel. On behalf of Café Alt Wien, a local farmer breeds a special race of pigs at the foot of the Ötscher. The high quality of the meat is a sign of the free-range husbandry and the altitude the pigs live in. Adding to that is, that we cook our schnitzels exclusively in the frying pan: deep fryer – is foreign word to us and was never used in Café Alt Wien – is an absolute „ No go“!


The beer in Café Alt Wien

The bottom-fermented, light beer is coloured straw yellow and its smell is pleasantly hoppy with a fine note of malt. The first sip is characterized by distinct tones of malt. A slight note of hops finishes the harmonic taste of Gösser Maerzen.